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Allianz Insurance Company of Kenya Limited (Allianz Kenya)

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Do you own a motorcycle, or perhaps a fleet of them? Whether your motorcycle is your daily commute, your weekend leisure companion or an integral part of your business, you need motorcycle insurance for it. A motorcycle insurance policy will ensure you have a cover from the risks you could face on the road. Furthermore, it is illegal to ride without an insurance cover.

We offer comprehensive covers for motorcycles as part of our motor commercial policies. We have designed competitive motor insurance products for individuals and companies who love and use motorcycles. We have assembled the best team of insurance professionals who will take time to understand your needs and will also ensure you get the best policy possible in the Kenyan market. What’s more, we bring the best practices in motorcycle insurance from our worldwide operations, ensuring that you get the best services and the best deal possible for your comprehensive motorcycle insurance.

When you insure your motorbike with us, you are becoming part of the best served group of insurance customers, backed by a company that understands your insurance needs. We are eager to serve you, to ensure that your motorcycle remains covered so that you can focus on other priorities.

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Motorcycle Insurance Products


Events you are covered for

We will compensate you if your motorcycle is written off, stolen, or accidentally damaged. This means that if your motorcycle is INVOLVED in an accident, we will either pay for the repairs or in case of a write off, we will pay you the insured value of the motorcycle as at the time of the accident. If its stolen, we will also pay you to cover your loss. All this is subject to the applicable excess, if any.
If your motorcycle was bought using a financier’s facility, then we will pay the financier for the losses incurred, and will take over your responsibility to the financier by paying them the value of the motorcycle.
Our policy also ensures that your motorcycle falls under our protection if its involved in an accident, and we will meet the cost of its protection, recovery and removal from an accident scene.
When your motorcycle is accidentally damaged, we will authorize repairs in a garage approved by us. We will meet the cost of such repairs, also subject to the applicable excess if any.
If your motorcycle is involved in an accident and you had carried someone else on it (a passenger who is not an immediate member of your family) we will pay the financial compensation due to the passenger as awarded by a court of law together with the associated litigation costs subject to the maximum limit.
Our motorcycle insurance policy covers you from claims that would arise if your motorcycle is involved in an accident and injures someone, or causes death. The policy ensures that you are protected from the costs that would arise if you hit someone with your motorcycle
Our Motorcycle insurance policy assures you that if your Motorcycle hits someone’s property, you will have a cover to shield you from the costs. The policy will only be useful to you if the damage was accidental.
Are you usually worried when your motorcycle is at a garage, away from the place where you consider it safe to park? If that’s the case, then be assured that your Allianz motorcycle insurance policy will cover you under those circumstances and if something happens to it when its in the hands of a motorcycle seller.