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Allianz Insurance Company of Kenya Limited (Allianz Kenya)

Buy Motor Insurance Online

Have you settled for a car insurance policy in Kenya simply because you could not get a better deal? Check again, you may be missing out on many better options. Make sure you have searched the market well enough before choosing an insurance policy for your vehicle.

Your car is one of the most essential investment and asset of your life. It is necessary that your vehicle is protected from unforeseen events such as theft, accident or natural calamities. The medical expenses, repair costs, third-party expenses are enough to drain your pocket. Hence, we at Allianz Kenya always advise you to get your automobile insured under a beneficial coverage plan.

Types Of Car Insurance in Kenya

Depending upon your requirements, you can choose from any of the three different motor insurance plans, including:

  • Third party car insurance: the most basic plan that protects your car after an accident. The minimum coverage plan includes the expenses incurred from the damage made to the other person, their vehicle and/or property. This plan is mostly beneficial if you don’t drive the car much or it has been in storage for a long time. You may also consider this plan if you wish to ensure your vehicle is street-legal.
  • Third party fire and theft car insurance: this cost-effective plan is the best suitable option for car owners who wish to protect their automobile from the most common risks in Kenya, including fire and theft. This insurance plan will provide coverage for third-party expenses, fire mishaps and theft.
  • Comprehensive car insurance Kenya: this plan provides a complete coverage for your vehicle. The insurance plan offers several other profits in addition to the third-party benefits and protection against fire and theft.

Whether you want to buy comprehensive car insurance or a third party cover, we can assure you of one thing: by doing it from anywhere anytime, you have the choice to select the extent to which you want to be insured.

When buying your Motor insurance from us online, you select the covers and benefits based on your need: it is your choice. Quickly and efficiently. The car insurance certificate is then delivered to you wherever you are based in Kenya.

We at Allianz Kenya assure that you get a total sense of monetary and car protection after purchasing any of the car insurance policies. We are here to ensure that you avail maximum benefits from the chosen car insurance plan. We also provide a hassle-free claim settlement to make your journey more easy with us.

What’s more in Car Insurance Kenya?

When you insure your car with us, you are not just buying car insurance Kenya; you are getting a strong partner who understands your needs and one who will be on your side at every turn and intersection. Scroll further to know more about what benefits you can avail under the purchased coverage plan.

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Motor Insurance Products


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What you are covered for

We will compensate you if your car is written off, stolen, or accidentally damaged. This means that if your car is INVOLVED in an accident, we will either pay for the repairs or in case of a write off, pay you the insured value of the car as at the time of the accident. If its stolen, we will also pay you to cover your loss (all this is subject to the applicable excess, if any).
If your car was bought using a financier’s facility, then we will pay the financier for the losses incurred, and will take over your responsibility to the financier by paying them the value of the car.
Our policy also ensures that your vehicle falls under our protection if it is involved in an accident, and we will meet the cost of its protection, recovery, and removal from the scene subject to the policy terms, conditions and limits.
When your car is accidentally damaged, we will authorize repairs in a garage accredited by us. We will meet the cost of such repairs, also subject to the applicable excess if any
If your car is involved in an accident and you had carried someone else in the car (a passenger who is not an immediate member of your family) we will pay the financial compensation due to the passenger as awarded by a court of law together with the associated litigation costs subject to the maximum limit.
Our car insurance policy covers you from claims that would arise if your car is involved in an accident and damages Third Party Property or injures someone, or causes death. The policy ensures that you are protected from the costs that would arise if you hit something or someone with your car.
Our car insurance policy assures you that if your car hits someone’s property, you will have a cover to shield you from the costs. The policy will only be useful to you if the damage was accidental.
Your car insurance includes an emergency medical expense cover for you and your passengers subject to cover limits. This cover is limited to emergency expenses.
Are you usually worried when your car is at a garage, away from the place where you consider it safe to park? If that’s the case, then be assured that your Allianz car insurance policy will cover you under those circumstances and if something happens to it when its in the hands of a car seller.