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Allianz Insurance Company of Kenya Limited (Allianz Kenya)

Buy Medical Insurance Online

You do not have to stress about accidents, illness or even routine medical care when away from your home country. If you travel intensively for work or often move from country to country, Allianz Care & Health, our international health insurance product is the best solution. We bring you a world class service here in Kenya, for treatment both here at home and abroad. Services are accessed on credit basis at any of the medical services providers on our global panel, and you can opt for copay options where you pay part of the treatment cost in exchange for lower premiums upfront.

The international medical cover offers a high level of coverage regardless of which country you travel to and you have the option of being treated in country of choice on the condition that it is within your zone of cover. Emergency treatments in countries outside your chosen zone are also covered. The international medical cover is made for both individuals and corporates with up to 50 employees, with portability from group to individual plan and lifetime health coverage for individual plans.

What Are The Benefits Covered?

The benefit plan is divided into primary, vitality and prestige, covering the following costs:

  • Inpatient services costs including hospital and doctor’s costs, cash reimbursement if you pay your own hospitalization expense, post hospital outpatient services such as rehabilitation and home nursing, inpatient psychiatric treatment, pre-existing and chronic conditions not forgetting organ transplant if the need occurs among others
  • Outpatient services costs including general practitioner and specialist fees as well as prescribed medicine and other supporting medical services such as laboratory tests, outpatient surgery, hormone replacement therapy, pre-existing or diagnosed chronic conditions. In addition to this cost of acquiring artificial limbs, emergency assistance, evacuation and repatriation has been included. What’s more, prescribed alternative treatments costs like osteopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy among others are covered as long as they are done by registered practitioners
  • Maternity costs for both natural and caesarean (whether elective or non-elective) deliveries in a registered hospital, as well as infertility treatment for patients under 40 years and trying for the first time
  • Dental costs including routine dental treatment, major restorative dental treatments, teeth whitening and adult orthodontic work after age 16
  • Optical treatments costs including costs of glasses, frames, contact lenses, lasik surgery & lens implants
  • Emergency assistance, evacuation and repatriation expenses including round trip airfare and accommodation for your spouse or next of kin in the event of hospitalization lasting more than 5 consecutive days, repatriation of mortal remains, compassionate visit in case of death of a close family member, second medical opinion and dispatch of medicines unavailable locally

(Please contact us for a more detailed table of benefits)

Target Population

Comprehensive international health coverage for expatriates and local nationals (teens & seniors) 19 & 65 years old.

Key Benefits of International Health Insurance


  • Comprehensive Health Coverage, Emergency Assistance Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Tailor-made plans featuring modular and progressive benefits
    • Hospitalization covered at 100% on any plan
    • Co-payment of 10% or 20% for outpatient and options
    • Different maximum annual limit up US$4,500,000
    • Pre-existing and chronic conditions covered
    • Organ transplant and cancer treatment covered on any plan
    • For groups, targeted price, defined according to each employee’s usual country of residence and area of cover
    • Any accident or unexpected illness are covered during trips up to 90 days outside the chosen area of cover
    • 5 areas of cover to match customer needs
  • Innovative benefits such as teeth whitening, adult orthodontic work, laser surgery, lens implants, treatment for alcohol or substance abuse

Interested in buying Allianz Care & Health?

Download the Quotation Forms, Fill the form, scan it and send to
customerservice@online.allianz.co.ke / sales@online.allianz.co.ke

Onboarding Requirements

  • Individuals:
    • Health declaration is required
  • Corporate:
    • For groups up to 5 Employees, Health declaration is required
    • For groups over 5 Employees, No health declaration is required







International Medical Insurance Plan Structure

  • Individuals:
    • Assistance and expatriation coverage is included in the main plan
  • Corporate:
    • Assistance and expatriation coverage is optional

International Health Cost Determinants

  • Maximum Annual limit:
    • Up to US$ 4,500,000 with 6 annual limit levels for Primary and Vitality plan (US$ 25,000; US$ 50,000; US$ 200,000; US$ 300,000 ; US$ 500,000 or US$ 4,500,000)
  • Level of reimbursement:
    • (80%, 90% or 100%) applying to Outpatient and Options
  • Currency:
    • US$
  • Discounts for Groups:
    • Up to 20% according to the size of the group
  • Premiums:
    • Defined according to Employees’ average age, Family ratio, Maximum annual limit, level of reimbursement, Options, Area of residence Area of Cover.

Interested in buying Allianz Care & Health?

Download the Quotation Forms, Fill the form, scan it and send to
customerservice@online.allianz.co.ke / sales@online.allianz.co.ke

Area Of Cover

Area 1 - Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Switzerland + countries in area 2, 3,4 and 5.

Area 2 - Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Bosnia, Canada, Colombia, Spain, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Macao, Mexico, Monaco, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Venezuela + countries in area 3,4 and 5.

Area 3 - South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Portugal, Rest of Latin America, Rest of Europe, Sweden + countries in area 4 and 5.

Area 4 - Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Rest of Middle East, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen + countries in area 5.

Area 5 - Kenya & Rest of Africa, Rest of Asia, (Bangladesh, Cambodia, North Korea, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam).