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Allianz Insurance Company of Kenya Limited (Allianz Kenya)

Personal Solutions

What do you look for when shopping for insurance for your car, your house, or your home? More importantly, who do you look for? Buying insurance, whether car insurance, marine insurance or domestic package insurance is never just about the products, it is as much about the who you buy it from. It is critical to find a partner, someone you can rely on should you need a helping hand when life happens. We at Allianz Insurance Company of Kenya offer personal insurance products, with a personal touch. When you buy personal insurance products from us, you will fall in love with our understanding of what it means to be personal. Over 80 million clients around the world have made this discovery. You can be next in line. Contact us and request for a quote for your personal insurance needs.

Personal Solutions for You

Motor Insurance

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Motorcycle Insurance

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Home Insurance

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Personal Accident

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