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Allianz Insurance Company of Kenya Limited (Allianz Kenya)

Buy Tractor Comprehensive Insurance Online

Tractors are some of the most rugged machinery you can find anywhere. They are built to be tough, and to last several lifetimes. You would be forgiven to think that tractors don’t need Tractor Comprehensive Insurance because they are tough, rough and durable.

In reality, tractors need comprehensive motor insurance too. They can damage other people’s property, they can tip over while lifting or carrying heavy loads, they get crushed by falling trees and falling debris, and they can also catch fire. In other words, they may be tough, but they are vulnerable just like any other vehicle.

We are well aware of the risks tractors face, and that’s why we have developed a very competitive comprehensive tractor insurance policy.

See details below and buy online today.


Maximum Compensation

Insurance on the Vehicle

Loss or Damage
Value of the Tractor
Financier's Interest
Value of the Tractor
Protection, Recovery and Removal after accident
Authority to Repair

Liability to Third Parties

Passenger Injury/Death
Per person - 3,000,000
Per event - 20,000,000
Third Party Persons Injury/Death
Per person - 3,000,000
Per event - Unlimited
Third Party Property Damage
Representation and Defence
Actual cost
Emergency Medical Expenses
Vehicle in Custody of Motor Trader or Other Motor Vehicle Service Providers
Value of the tractor


Your Contribution

Own Damage
5% of Estimated Value
Theft (With anti-theft device)
Lower of 10% Estimated Value or Pre-theft Value
Theft (Without anti-theft device)
Lower of 20% Estimated Value or Pre-theft Value
Theft (With Tracking device)
Lower of 5% Estimated Value or Pre-theft Value
Third Property damage
Young driver, Age 21 years and below
Inexperienced driver, Period held a driving licence <=3 year