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Allianz Insurance Company of Kenya Limited (Allianz Kenya)

Buy Transport of Goods / Marine Insurance Online

Whether you are a company that regularly imports, exports or transport goods in Kenya, or whether you need to transport something just once, you need an insurance cover for your transit risk exposure, hence our goods in transit insurance. Damage or loss of products while in transit can wipe away your profits and in some cases can lead to huge losses. These losses are completely avoidable by getting a proper marine insurance kenya policy.

We have developed a set of marine cargo Insurance policies to cover transportation of goods. This includes insurance of transport of goods by sea, air, road or rail. Our policies protect you from losses, accidental breakages and pilferages. Whether you import, export or transport goods regularly, or whether you have a one-off consignment, we have marine insurance policies that will meet your needs.

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Transport by Air

What comes to your mind when you think of air transport? Speed? Safety? Efficiency?

Granted. Air transport has one of the best safety and speed records. You would be tempted to think that there is no need to insure your cargo when you use air transport. We wish this was so. You cargo still must go through handling, customs, loading and offloading, all of which are processes that can lead to damage and theft. That’s why we have developed robust cargo insurance policies.

Our marine/goods transport insurance policy makes sure that you are protected from the risks that your cargo may face while in transit via air transport. We close the gaps in the chain, so that you can rest assured that you will not suffer losses arising from damage, theft or pilferage when you use air transport to move your goods.

Transport by Sea

Picture this...

A super tanker is in the high seas, navigating a storm. It is carrying hundreds of tons of cargo. Part of that cargo is yours. The ship is swaying from the left to right, and when the storm is over, the ship will be crossing through pirate infested waters. Your precious cargo must make it through all these obstacles to get to you.


No reason to be. Allianz Kenya provides marine/Goods transport insurance designed to give you peace of mind. With Allianz, the only picture you will have in mind is that of calm waters, with your containers coming straight to you at full speed. Please see the policy details below for marine cargo, and get in touch with us. Our advisers are standing by.

Transport by Land

Do you consider it risky to move your cargo over land?

If you do, you have very good reason to feel that way. Risks on land are numerous. This ranges from accidents, theft, pilferage, delays (especially when the delivery is time sensitive), among others. At the Allianz Kenya, we have developed policies that will ensure you are protected in case anything happens to your precious cargo, whether its on transit by road or by rail.

If you are considering insurance options for your cargo, be sure to give us a call to see what we have in store for you. Our goods transport insurance policies are very competitive. Our 80 million customers worldwide cannot be wrong. Get in touch with us and ask for a quote.