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Allianz Insurance Company of Kenya Limited (Allianz Kenya)

Buy Commercial Motor Insurance Online

Commercial vehicles are unique when it comes to insurance. Compared to private cars, they are on the road for longer period, and they are always carrying passengers or goods. Commercial vehicles also have different designs compared to private cars based on their function, and have to comply with different sets of regulations from various agencies. We know these differences because we have taken time to understand the unique insurance needs of any commercial vehicle in Kenya.

We offer competitive and well-structured commercial motor insurance policies to businesses with motor commercial fleets and also those that operate single vehicles. Our products are designed to give you reliable and adequate coverage from risks that could affect your commercial vehicles.

Our team is composed of insurance professionals who have a deep understanding of the Kenyan insurance sector, and a commitment to Allianz international business practices. This means that when you buy your motor commercial insurance from us, you will be getting high quality services from a professional team.

When you take motor commercial insurance cover from us, you can be sure that the policy you will get is as good as they come, and you will also be becoming part of one of the largest risk management networks in the world. We take on the risks so that you can focus on your business. In other words, your commercial motor insurance can’t be in better hands.

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Commercial Motor Insurance


Third Party Only

You have no choice. You must buy an insurance policy for your fleet. Whether you have bought third party policies before for your...

Third Party Fire & Theft

Events you are covered for

We will compensate you if your commercial vehicle is written off, stolen, or accidentally damaged. This means that if your vehicle is INVOLVED in an accident, we will either pay for the repairs or in case of a write off, pay you the insured value of the vehicle as at the time of the accident. If its stolen, we will also pay you to cover your loss (all this is subject to the applicable excess, if any).
If your commercial vehicle was bought using a financier’s facility, then we will pay the financier for the losses incurred, and will take over your responsibility to the financier by paying them the value of the car.
Our policy also ensures that your commercial vehicle falls under our protection if it is involved in an accident, and we will meet the cost of its protection, recovery and removal from an accident scene.
When your commercial vehicle is accidentally damaged, we will authorize repairs in a garage accredited by us. We will meet the cost of such repairs, also subject to excess, if any.
If your car is involved in an accident and you had carried someone else in the car (a passenger who is not an immediate member of your family) we will pay the financial compensation due to the passenger as awarded by a court of law together with the associated litigation costs subject to the maximum limit.
Our motor commercial insurance policy protects you from the costs that arise when your vehicle injures or kills someone. We will take care of all the costs that accrue as a result of such fateful events.
In the unfortunate event that your car damages someone’s property and the person demands compensation, we will pay the claim on your behalf. Your commercial motor insurance policy comes with this benefit.
If you end up in court because of something connected to the normal usage of your tractor, then we will compensate you for the cost of legal defense.
For every cover, we have an emergency medical expense cover for you and your passengers subject to cover limits. This cover is limited to emergency expenses.
Are you usually worried when your car is at a garage, away from the place where you consider it safe to park? If that’s the case, then be assured that your Allianz car insurance policy will cover you under those circumstances and if something happens to it when its in the hands of a car dealer.