Generation Y – Are They Optimistic Pessimists? – An Infographic


Millennials feel their parents enjoyed a contented life in terms of career and social benefits. And yet, they hold an audacity of hope and positivity for their future on their personal prospects…

Millenials believe that their parents were in a better financial position at the same age – a survey reported in Kenya.

One of the world’s most popular financial institution, Allianz, conducted a survey on working Millennials across five countries. The survey revealed strong generation envy among the age group 18-35 years. Around 50% of people believe that their parents grew up in much better conditions than they are surviving in.

In the ‘Millennials: Work, Life & Satisfaction’ study,  the company interviewed 1,000 employed people in China, Germany, India, UK, and the U.S.

“What emerges from the survey is a strong belief among millennials in all countries that conditions have deteriorated compared to those their parents enjoyed,” says Dominik Hahn, Global Head of People Attraction at Allianz.

Around 37% strongly agree that economic perspectives have narrowed as compared to the period when their parents were at the same age.

When discussing with the millennials, the survey revealed a high level of insecurity among the youth concerning their lives and a strong feeling of instability in terms of their careers. Millenials believe that their parents were happier completely at their youth age in all aspects, career, life and inner satisfaction.  In India, 79 percent of respondents hold this view, while in China it is 71 percent. In the U.S., the figure is 60 percent, and in the UK, it is 55 percent.

Despite the gloomy outlook, millennials hold beliefs that the workplace will change over the next ten years. People surprisingly believe that they personally have a bright future. Around 90 percent in China, India and the U.S. expect their lives to improve in the next five years (Germany 74 percent, UK 71 percent).

“I find it notable, however, that given the outlook of respondents concerning the prospects of their generation, in their own individual cases they remain overwhelming positive,” says Hahn. “I suppose that is the energy and optimism of youth.”


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