How to Switch the Car Insurance Policy in Kenya?

Motor Insurance-

Looking for a new insurance provider? One of the most common reasons for changing your insurance company is the availability of better and cheap auto insurance quotes in the market.  A number of firms are providing an online comparison of car insurance quotes from top insurance companies in Kenya. Thus, while comparing car insurance plans, if you are finding great deals then switching your insurer is the best option.  But the process is not that easy. Switching to a new insurance company needs lots of research and an informed decision.

We have researched a lot about best Car insurance providers in Kenya and here is what we accumulated:

1.  Why look for a new insurer?

There can be several reasons which may make you think about switching your insurance company.

a.  Poor Customer Service

An instant support is the major need of the insurance sector. What if you need to file your claim but there is nobody out there to help you. Nothing speaks louder than the words of a happy customer. If you are not happy with the customer service of your insurer,  it is the right time to find better insurance options in the market.

b. Getting what you Expect?

An insurance company must provide satisfactory services to their customers. No offers, no special customer discounts, constant auto insurance cost,  delayed claim assistance are some of the reasons which lead to an unhappy customer.

So, if you are also dealing with such circumstances, shop around today for a reliable insurance company.

c. Your Insurer is Behind the Time

The advancement in technology has proven to be the milestone for the insurance and banking sector. You need not visit every next company to buy insurance. Today, you can compare auto insurance plans online. But if your current insurer is not available online, it clearly signifies that they are running behind the time. This way you are merely making more efforts, paying more and wasting time as well.

d.  When a huge premium amount is a Big Concern

A car insurance Kenya policy is followed by a periodic premium amount that is to be paid by the insured for covering his risks. However, sometimes the premium amount may appear as burden owing to the situations like loss of a job or during a medical crisis which restricts your finances and may stop you from paying the premium on time.

When you can’t afford your policy, the only option that left is to change the insurer and avail a plan with a cheaper premium.

e. Other Reasons

Your personal situations also impact your motor insurance choices. What if you get a job transfer or your family is shifting to another city? Besides, you may need to renew your policy. Hence, a number of situations can lead you to buy a new car insurance policy. So, you can look for some good options and only then choose the right company for you.

2. How to select a new insurance company?

How to select a new insurance company

Finding a new insurance company is a tedious task. But, you can’t just sit and deal with your present insurer draining all your hard earned money like this. However, with the help of the internet, you can check out hundreds of insurers in the blink of an eye. There are various comparison websites available online where you can obtain car insurance quotes.  It is the easiest and the most hassle-free way where you aren’t required to visit the insurance office.

You can easily compare quotes and choose the best deal. Make sure you request for the quotes based on your existing car insurance coverage.

3. Which Insurance company is right for you?

Insurance Experts in Kenya suggest that one should switch the car insurer in every two years. This helps to better understand the fluctuating insurance quotes and thus, save more on new auto insurance plans.

But before making the switch, a person should get all the information about the company and plans to ensure he gets the maximum benefit.  Here are some smart tips to follow while buying new car insurance policy in Kenya:

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a. Shop around wisely

As mentioned above, you can compare quotes online nowadays.  Therefore, check out the options available to you. See what the insurance cost they are offering and shortlist few of them.

  • Check the customer reviews for all those companies.
  • Talking to the insurance agents would make a very smart starting point.
  • Once you are done with the company overview, you can further proceed with the type of plan you want to buy and what will be covered in it.

B. Keeping the Existing Insurance Company in loop is a Must

Never forget to keep the existing insurer in the loop in every decision you make regarding the plan. This is beneficial too, as the insurer won’t like to lose his customer so he will try to negotiate the insurance premiums or may come up with better deals in order to meet your requirements.

C. Examine the Claim Settlement Ratio

Always look for an insurer with an excellent claim settlement ratio. If the insurer doesn’t fulfill your requirement at the time of making a claim, the premium paid by you dissipates. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a track of claim settlement ratio of insurance companies before porting the plan. If the company maintains a higher claim ratio, it means they have settled a large number of claims.

D. Opt for Smart Add-Ons

At the time of looking for an affordable plan, you should analyze the add-ons offered by a specific insurance company. Hereby, go for insurers, who offer adequate add-on covers such as zero depreciation, roadside assistance, windscreen cover, engine protector etc. This is a prudent choice, which helps you save on premium as well. For example, you can opt for Allianz Car insurance in Kenya and in order to boost the policy benefit and save on premium, you can add Zero Depreciation cover to your policy.

Again we emphasize that never compromise on the reputation of the insurance company in terms of affordable plans and easy claim settlement.

E. Coverage You Should Buy

Once you have shortlisted different insurers based on their services, benefits and cheaper plans, now is the time to make the wise decision. So, what coverage should you buy?  All it depends on the car you drive, safety features in the car, its current value, car insurance cost you paid earlier, state laws and mandatory policy.

Basically, a vehicle needs to be insured with minimum liability cover i.e. third party car insurance in Kenya order to be utilised on the roads in Kenya. So, there is nothing like you can skip buying insurance or car insurance renewal for sometime. You must have to buy one. Seek advice from friends, relatives and even ask insurance agents and be very careful while selecting the cover you need for your vehicle.

Last Words

An insurer never binds you to stick with their insurance policy. IF you don’t find it affordable. You can switch whenever it feels so. Just few tips to follow while switching to a new insurance company. While terminating your existing plan, it is a must to keep written records of everything in order to avoid any confusion. Before canceling the old policy, make sure the new one is active. Get the written copy of cancellation from the old insurer. Some insurance companies charge penalties for terminating insurance plan with them before giving any prior notice. It is better to stay updated with the pros and cons of canceling an insurance plan. This helps you switch smoothly to new insurer without any loss.