Which Documents Are Required After A Car Accident?

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An accident, whether caused by someone or occurred due to non controlling force, is a traumatic experience for the person involved in it. Not only you, but also we all get frightened with the thought of being a victim of a serious car accident. But being frightening is not the solution, one should know how to wisely tackle the situation.

Submitting a car accident claim will not requires the complete documentation as the claim adjuster was not present on the incident site while you got injured in the accident so they will need all the documents to settle down your claim. Also, you attorney needs to examine all the documents to determine how much compensation you are entitled to.

The following basic documents are required to approve the claim process after a car accident:

1..Police Reports:

The police investigation is the starting point  for any investigation. This involves the copy of accident report filed to nearby police station. This information includes all the crucial information about the incident happened and the information be like:

  • Place where incident occurred.
  • Date and time of mishap.
  • Information of the responsible driver, the vehicle involved in the accident and its insurance information.
  • Evidences if any. You can take photographs of the broker car and injured persons.
  • Witness statements. Additionally, you can take contact info and name of people present at the time of accident.

If the accident is serious, and a  police officer will come to the scene, he will likely prepare the police report shortly after the scene investigation.

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2..Medical Records:

If anyone in the car got injured during accident or there might be some internal injury which requires a check up. Make sure you get all the copies of medical tests, medications prescribed, diagnosis, reports,billing copies and all other information related to your treatment.

Based on the severity of injuries, you will be referred to the hospital. Generally. Big hospitals require a few days of processing period for generating the record copies and billing statements. But do not forget to collect them.

The medical reports conclude following information:

  • Emergency medical treatment.
  • Hospital admission fee
  • Physical therapy
  • Medication prescribed
  • Physical record
  • Medical services(ambulance, primary checkup, diagnosis, test and their reports)

3..Loss Of Income:

In case, you missed at work due to severe injuries in accident , you will be covered with the corresponding lost income provided, you show them the detailed proof of your leaves and loss incurred.

You can show the salary status or any other financial documents which can show the exact amount you missed at work due to accident.

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4..Car Damage Notes:

It is always recommended to write down all the relevant information about how the accident happened and how is it impacting your day to day life. Also, mention the loss you have suffered till now. It is not a technical record but a kind of documentary evidence that describes the your accident and your injuries, with a detailed storyline. Keeping this kind of chronological record is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t forget important details

5..Vehicle Damage Estimates and Proof of Vehicle Value:

If you car get damaged in a car accident, your insurance company will either repair it through their own service contacts or recover the loss by paying for the necessary repairs. In case, your car is labeled as total loss, then your car insurance company pays the fair market value, or actual cash value (ACV), of your totaled vehicle.

But in order to evaluate the amount to ask, you will also need to know the repairing cost of the car or the actual value of car after depreciation.

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6..Your Car Insurance Policy:

Before you file any claim from the third party, it is very important to review your car insurance kenya policy once. Your attorney must read your policy before taking any step further to know if your policy holds an uninsured or under insured motorist claim for your own insurance. For such cases, Allianz has already hired the best attorneys who are expert in their job to recover the compensation for the loss from the third party.

7..Your Health Insurance Card:

If you have a health insurance card, your attorney will need it to gather information about a couple of things like –

  • Your plan
  • Your payment history
  • Your credit history.

In case of a car accident, your health insurance will be paying for your medical bills at that time.  So, the card would help to discuss the medical bills with your insurance provider in Kenya.

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How We Help You?

It would be very difficult to track down the correct insurance if you do not possess the most relevant documentation about the incident. Gathering documents is the first and foremost step towards the claim submission for a car accident case. You may also need to hire an attorney if there is a lawsuit.

Getting a car insurance claim may not seem you an easy step but we are here to take the burden off from your shoulders to ours.

When you insure with Allianz, our company ensures its protection, recovery and repairing if it is involved in an accident.

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