comprehensive car insurance cover kenya

What Is A Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover & Its Benefits?

Motor Insurance-

When an individual purchases a new car, the first step to be taken is the reassurance to protect your car from all kinds of risks while driving on the road.

A car insurance kenya plan is a boon to a car. But how should a person choose the right cover for his car?

Remember a right cover will help you to protect your car from unpredictable damages, accidental loss, and many more situations.

As per laws in Kenya, purchasing a third party liability policy is mandatory but is a third party policy the only protection your car needs?

Why Comprehensive Cover?

A Comprehensive Car Insurance policy Kenya provides you and your asset the safety and security of any damage in case of an accident.

This type of insurance coverage will protect you from any financial and collision damage that may be caused by an accident.

If you will opt for compulsory only coverage, then you may pay fewer insurance premiums but will end up with coverage for third-party loss only.

While if you will choose the overall protection i.e. fully-fledged comprehensive cover, you might be paying higher premiums but it will provide you with add-ons giving protection from all kinds of risks to you as well as the third party.

What is Comprehensive Coverage?

Comprehensive car insurance policy is wider coverage plan you require to cover damages to your own vehicle as well as third-party liability.

Comprehensive coverage policy might be expensive as compared to third party insurance cover.

A Comprehensive car insurance in kenya typically covers you for loss or damage from fire, theft, vandalism, accidental loss, natural disasters, damage caused by animals or falling objects (like a tree or hail).

Comprehensive Coverage Deductibles and Limits

When you purchase a fully comprehensive coverage, you will set a fix deductible amount, which you will pay out of pocket for a covered claim. Let’s say you decide to pay a deductible of KSh 500, and your car is later damaged by a flood.

If the claim costs you an amount of KSh 1,500 to repair your car, you would have to pay only KSh 500 deductible, and rest of the amount i.e. KSh 1,000 will be paid by your insurance company.

Comprehensive car coverage Limit is the maximum amount paid by your company policy for a covered claim. Typically,  the limit on comprehensive coverage is the true cash value of your car.

For example, in case, your car is stolen, your fully comprehensive car insurance policy would reimburse you for your car’s depreciated value. If you want to replace your stolen vehicle with a newer make and model, you would likely have to pay some of your own money to do so,

How Is Comprehensive Cover Better?

A Comprehensive cover assures you to protect your car from third party liabilities as well as damage to own vehicle that may arise as you drive.

Here, in this section, we have explained why the comprehensive cover is a better option over third-party insurance:


A comprehensive cover is always assumed to be more expensive than the third-party insurance. Is it so? Not really!  This type of cover grants your vehicle protection against a wide number of risks.

  1. Covers Your Car

A third-party liability insurance covers damages caused to another party vehicle; as a result of an accident.  You will not be covered under such a policy. Whereas a comprehensive insurance policy covers your car too.


With a comprehensive car insurance, you can also opt for add-ons to enhance the coverage. This may include 24-hour roadside assistance, towing, windscreen cover etc.

Where To Buy?

You may choose any of the mediums to purchase a fully comprehensive cover either offline or online. Offline mediums can be a broker or agent, directly from an insurance company or by a reference through a friend or relative.

Online mediums include popular insurance websites that offer your different deals on your car cover.  Among the most popular insurance providers, Allianz Kenya is chosen by millions of customers providing your car and your responsibilities to the third parties following an accident.

With Allianz, you can buy the highest protection cover, compensating for all types of damages to the third party and to your car arising from accidents, third party fire & theft of the vehicle or its accessories. In addition, you can also choose optional covers to enhance the protection of your car. The add-on covers may include road rescue, replacement car, among others.

You can browse the internet for the top insurance service providers in Kenya. There are some companies which let you compare insurance quotes from different insurance firms and help you choose the right company.

Once you will decide the right company, you can take advice from the company agents. Which policy is suitable for your car make model?

Think deeply about insurance premiums which you will have to pay for your insurance coverage.

Read your policy carefully to ensure that you are getting all the benefits declared by your policy.