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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Domestic Package Insurance in Kenya

Home Insurance-

Does the thought of robbed or physically damaged house contribute to your worries? Surely, home is one of the most prominent asset; likely to be your largest financial and emotional investment.

However, the hard truth is your property is always at risk of being damaged due to natural disasters, burglary, vandalism, fire and similar.

So, what’s the wise step to be taken to safeguard your home from such financial risk and physical loss? The appropriate solution is to get your house covered by an effective domestic package insurance in Kenya.

Domestic insurance covers or home insurance will help protect you from re-investing in the incurred loss, thus, reducing your expenses by a significantly huge margin.

People may still refrain from purchasing home insurance despite the enormous benefits associated with the plans. The blog lists out the 4R’s or 4 Reasons why you should have a Domestic package insurance in Kenya.

Benefits Of Having Domestic Insurance Policy in Kenya?

Whether you are a Tenant, a Landlord or a Homeowner in Kenya, it is necessary that your house and the belongings are protected by appropriate domestic insurance plans.

Listed below are 4 major reasons that highlight the importance of purchasing a suitable home insurance plan:

Domestic package insurance kenya benefits

  1. Protection from the loss occurred due to natural disasters

No one can predict the happening of a natural calamity and its intensity of destruction. The devastation caused to your home as a result of catastrophes such as  tornado, fire, high winds, or a hurricane, is likely to leave you in a state where you have to fresh start without any financial aid.

This is where the role of home insurance plays a significant role. If, you have covered your home and its contents by homeowners insurance,  stay calm and leave the worries on your insurance company.

Your insurer will deal with the catastrophic loss and provide you with the required protection. However, ensure to check for the natural disasters covered under your plan, as some insurers offer different policies for calamities like earthquakes, floods.

  1. Protection from loss incurred due to theft and robbery

Imagine the risk of finding your main door locks broken and your entire house ransacked. Theft and robbery are common incidents that often cause damage to the house structure, damage to the valuables or stealing of costly items like laptops, smartphones, jewellery.

However, domestic package insurance covers all the aspects and stands by your side at this time so that you won’t walk alone. According to the purchased policy, you will get the entitled compensation for the damaged or stolen contents.

  1. Coverage for your valuable possessions

It is likely that your favorite possession or hard-earned asset in your house is damaged, destroyed or stolen. However, you need not worry, the insurance policy covers your valuable belongings such as appliances, furniture, clothing and other possessions.

As per the chosen domestic insurance policy, you may get the actual cash value or replacement cost coverage.

  1. Peace of Mind

Financial loss often tends to steal the peace of mind. In order to make things simpler for you, these home insurance plans will be the backbone for those difficult times.

When you may seek emotional, social and financial aid from outside, your domestic insurance coverage will safeguard and help you recover quickly.

How to buy a domestic insurance cover in Kenya?

The above section details how important it is to buy domestic insurance coverage. Similarly, it is also essential to choose a plan that offers the benefits and coverage as per your requirements.

You must search the insurance market for suitable companies that provide beneficial home insurance plans.

Allianz Kenya is a renowned name in the field of insurance in Kenya and around the world. We provide insurance plans for several sectors including the domestic insurance in Kenya.

We offers pre-packaged policies according to your requirements. Check for a detailed list of benefits provided by us under the home insurance policy in Kenya and Get your quotes today!