Do you know your rights as a tenant?

Do you know your rights as a tenant?
Many are simply not aware of their rights as tenants. This gives room for landlords, caretakers and agents an easy time to harass and exploit them financially. Knowing your basic rights will prevent you from being manipulated. Below is a list of the basic tenant rights that will help right from searching for a house, to the moment you secure a place.

Right to no discrimination
Landlords are not allowed to have different rental conditions for different people. When searching for a place you have the right to live where you would like, without discrimination of any form. Not age, sex, religion, race, nationality, physical orientation, mental stability nor family status.

Right to good condition
When moving in, you have the right to a habitable house. Confirm wiring, water damage, infestation and the general physical condition of the house is in good trim. If not, notify your landlord to make the necessary repairs.

Right to maintenance
A landlord should make the necessary repair when requested.

Right to privacy
A landlord cannot enter your rental premises without consent. In case of repairs and maintenance he/she should notify you beforehand so that you can facilitate the access.

Right to secure premises
You are allowed to add extra security features. Furthermore, before you can move in, the Landlord should ensure that the door, window and locks work perfectly.

Right to get deposit back
The duration of this depends on the tenancy agreement. When you don’t receive the full amount you can request for the allotment list from the landlord. The full or a part of the deposit may only be revoked in case of rent arrears, unpaid bills, and damage above normal wear and tear and without adequate notice before moving out.

Right to know why you are evicted
Before you can be served an eviction notice, you landlord should warn you, even in the case of default payment. The eviction notice should always state a reason. If you have been evicted contrary to the agreement, you are released from all the obligations on your lease contract. Remember to always read and understand your tenancy agreement before signing because the clauses in the lease agreements vary. In case you don’t understand you have the right clarification.

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