Do tenants need an insurance cover in Kenya?

Do tenants need an insurance cover in Kenya?
Only a handful of Kenyan owns their own homes leaving most Kenyans to renting their homes. Most tenants assume the role of risk mitigation to be the landlords’ responsibility. No wonder, whenever there is a case of fire or floods most tenant seek for compensation from the landlord but end up disappointed. You can avoid this situation easily by getting tenant insurance.
For a better understanding let us break down the types of domestic package
insurance in Kenya.

The tenant’s / renters insurance
that covers possession within your rented home that includes furniture, appliances, personal effects and also personal belongings that you carry with you outside your home such as phones, laptops and cameras.

The Landlord’s Insurance
which covers the building structure and includes the fixtures and fittings, walls, gates, fences, terraces, path, garages, patios and servant quarters.

The home owners’ insurance
a comprehensive cover that combines the tenant’s insurance and the landlord’s insurance. Which events are covered within the tenant insurance? Fire, lightning, thunderstorm, earthquakes, volcanic eruption explosions,impact from an external force, bursting or overflowing or escape of water from water pipes or tank.

Theft or attempted theft
Strikes, riots, civil commotion or malicious damage In a nutshell your landlord insurance doesn’t cover your belongings; it only covers the damages and losses to the building. Tenant or renter insurance is the best way to guarantee your belongings are insured in case of an adversity.